What is a Bobber

A bobber ıs a custom made motorcycle, typically bare bones and lacking of most non-essential add ons. Some of the current bobber motorcycles being  built create bikes that have a strong nostalgic 1950s vintage look.

The Kikker 5150 Hardknock is among these "old school" bobber motorcycle kits featuring a springer front suspension, forward controls, jockey shift i.e. "suicide clutch", electric start, bobber solo seat, hydraulic disk brake, chrome plated chrome-moly frame, in addition to a 4-speed 4-stroke engine. You are likely to pay $1500 on the low end to get a premium kit. On the high-end, there isn't a limit apart from what you're happy to spend on the kit, accessories, upgrades, a pro paint job ... take your pick.

Here are a few Kikkers on eBay

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Bobbers and bobber motorcycle kits are based on choppers in that , they both use a minimalistic approach to custom bike building. This includes the characteristic rigid frame and shortened (i.e. "bobbed") rear fender. An important difference is always that bobber motorcycle kits usually are built around unmodified stock frames, while a chopper frame is often cut and welded into shape.
Bobber motorcycle kits usually also lack a chopper's more ostentatious asthetic, including tons of chrome, enlongated forks and other more decorative (but undeniably cool) flourishes. Bobber motorcycle kits are a good place to start for enthusiasts new to bike building before moving up to and including totally custom chopper building.
A bobber ıs often a motorcycle that normally has had the front fender removed, the rear fender "bobbed" or made smaller and all of superfluous items removed to really make it lighter.

The bobber was the first customized motorcycle built by people who have mechanical skills and often part of the early biker clubs scene before there were such thing as a choppers a plain stripped down motorcycle .

It is a variety of custom motorcycle which took shape during the 1940s and 50s generally thought to have been started by returning WW II servicemen working away at ex-military motorcycles and inspired by lighter European motorcycles that they had seen and ridden.

The bikes reflected their owners and were often homemade currently there's lots of companies that create such bikes. The style has also influenced motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson.
The style is still liked by some to this day. Multiple styles have emerged such as the retro bobber.

A few more bobbers featured on eBay

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