Old School Choppers

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Old School Choppers
Manufacturer: Krause Publications
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Incredible Choppers and Outrageous Bobbers!

They're motorcycles almost beyond the imaginations. Raked, chromed, rebuilt and repainted, assembled from assorted parts and pieces, these creations become works of art on two wheels and outrageous rides that are fun to see and even wilder to ride.

These amazing machines are Old School versions of Harley-Davidson, Indians, Ariel Square Fours and more. Each was a vision. Many were dreams that talented builders brought to life. Bobbers were motorcycles that were stripped and changed to fit the rider's needs. Choppers were customized to the max, often by some of the most creative gearheads around.

"Motorcycle guys cannot leave well enough alone," writes author Alan Mayes. "It's some kind of genetic fault we all share."

You can share in all the fun as you go back to Old School. Don't miss one exciting chapter of these best of this exciting breed of choppers and bobbers.

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