Chopper West Coast Choppers S&s Chopper Bobber Exile Harley For Sale $4650.00

Chopper West Coast Choppers S&s Chopper Bobber Exile Harley

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Current Price: $4650.00 | Bid $4700.00 Now! | # of Bids: 13
End Time: 2013-02-20T12:24:43.000Z

| Located in Postal Code: 19320

Up for sale is my Custom S&S 120" ci Diavoli Super Sidewinder. Hand built motor by Brent Walker of Diavoli Enterprise of Downingtown, PA. Motor has aproximately 1200 miles. Began as a bone stock S&S V117" that was totally dissasembled, bored over, new custom high compression forged Pistons, .640 s&s cam, triple .640 lift valve springs with titanium retainers. The motor has a Mikuni HSR45 carb custom jetted and fitted with a force winder intake setup. Has a sportbike throttle response, much better than the S&S Super G carb it originally had. Motor also sports a crane HI-4N fully programmable electronic ignition, electronic compression releases, and all new gaskets. Bike has dynoed on the initial tune 120 whp and 123 wtq with the Diavoli Loud Guy pipes. Quite a handful indeed. Backed up by a 6 speed revtech transmission and a bdl evo 9s open 3" beltdrive. The entire bike has been rebuilt in the past 6 months.

Custom Exile Cycles Daytec Frame 4 up, 1 out, Chopper Neck 40. Early CFL Dimensions but with thicker tubing & a custom 2" raise on the motor/trans mounts for extra ground clearance. Really helps if you ride these fast and have ground the bottom half of your CFL off before. Prefer riding this to my 2 up CFL (ground clearance and geometry)

Stock Showa Wideglide front end, 3 degree trees, 6 over tubes, powdercoated lowers gloss black

Black Bike 16x5.5" and 21" powdercoated black wheels sporting a brand new metzler 200/50/16 me880 marathon rear tire and a 90/90/21 avon venom front tire. Rear wheel edge is chipped from a bad tire mounting and would require touch up.

West Coast Choppers Tombstone Front Fender, Rigid 2-8 9" rear fender custom cut and rounded. West Coast Choppers Villian/Wasp tank custom built by Diavoli Enterprises. Both tanks were sectioned/flattened and rebuilt for a custom look tank. Retained Original Villian Rubber mounting setup. Custom Westbury Cycles Vented Big Baller Gas cap with a custom bung machined on a lathe and tig welded in. Pingel High Flow Petcock/High Flow Fuel Filter.

West Coast Choppers Real $500.00 .44 Mag Oil Cap with Jesse James .44 Mag Engraved Bullets, custom cut on my lathe for a perfect fit with the Daytec oil Bag.

West Coast Choppers Handlebars powdercoated black with 6" risers

S&S Diavoli 120" Hot Setup with a Revtech 6 speed transmission and a BDL Evo 9s belt drive (painted gloss black/ not powdercoated so everything sits flush as intended)

Performance Machine Front & Rear 4 piston polished brake setup. Works amazing. Goodridge stainless lines throughout the entire bike.

Performance Machine Renthal Grips with Performance Machine Throttle Housing

Stock HD Hand Controls & Headlight

Jay Brake Polished Mirror (not pictured)

BDL Forward Controls (need repowdercoated- take alot of abuse from the road) with Kickstands.

46 tooth sprocket with a Regina 530 O Ring chain.

Sucker Punch Sally Hand Made Quilted Seat on a metal kick back pan with 3" chrome seat springs.

High Torque Spyke Starter with emergency plunger on a brand new Yuasa 310 cca battery. Always kept on a battery tender.

Exile Cycles Marine Ignition switch with a custom mount with 3 position starting like your car. All wiring hidden through backbone into the oil bag. Starts everytime without issue.

Bike Custom painted/striped by Kraftwerk Custom Paint of Broomall, PA. Ivory skull paint design by Drew Miele of Hot Rod Tattoo Atlantic City NJ.



Few Scratches on the frame back end from rocks/ few chips/scratches on the foward controls and a 2" long paint crack on the edge of the rear fender. Easily touched up.

Clean Pennsylvania title in my name. Registered/Insured through Progressive with no Issues. Inspected through 12/13 in Pennsylvania. Reserve the right to end the auction early due to it being listed locally. No Warranties expressed or implied. Happy bidding.











Chopper West Coast Choppers S&s Chopper Bobber Exile Harley

Check out this great Bobber listing!

Current Price: $4650.00 | Bid $4700.00 Now! | # of Bids: 13
End Time: 2013-02-20T12:24:43.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 19320

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