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I built this bike over the last couple of years just to see if I could.As it turns out I can,and did.I rode it around for most of a year and decided I liked my shovelhead better.As you may notice from my other listings, it's spring cleaning time, I have to make room for my next project so here is your chance to own a kick ass rigid chopper for about 2 thirds of what it cost me to build it.Lucky you.

First thing I want to do is explain that this is not a "Rat Bike".everything is new with the exception of the front tire which I swiped to put on my Shovelhead.

This is also not a "Project bike"

What it is is a custom built bike that I got finished enough to get it licenced and insured, that never got that last %5 put into it because I was riding it.

So, the good bits.

Paughco softail style  "wishbone" rigid frame 2' up stretch in the front tubes 33 degree rake in the "Chopper" style neck. powdercoated gloss black.

80" Black and chrome Harley Davidson crate motor.no revtech aftermarket motor here. and trust me the 80" is plenty..

3" bdl open belt primary drive

6 speed O.D. trans ("Trick Shift" brand import, but it seems to work flawlessly)Converted to chain final drive because it just looks cooler.

the carb is a chrome webber idf 40 with custom individual runner intake manifold made entirely out of stainless steel.This intake is actualy for Narrow tank aplications but I wanted to notch it into a set of 6 gallon flatside styly tanks, So I did.There is also a hidden electric fuel pump installed between the cylinders because gravity won't make fuel go uphill.

it took awhile to get it jetted right, but it sure does move when you need it to.

Pm 4 piston brakes out back, chromed softail caliper up front.

forks are softail with aftermarket lowers, these legs are "convertable", meaning they have bolt in brackets that let you add fender mounts or dual disc caliper mounts should you care to. also has a hidden axle that makes the front look cleaner.

The electrical system is an Ultima Self contained unit mounted between the tanks and nearly all of the wiring was run inside the frame tubes for a clean apperance.its set up with '96 up hand controls and has circuts for turn signals, I used them in the rear, but the wiring is still there to ad turn signals to the front.

lots of other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

So the bad stuff.There isn't much, as I said this is a legal ridable bike as sits but.....

The right hand control is aftermarket and Harley's snap ring throttle cables won't snap into it corectly, so it's currently held in with a zip tie.Also the hand grip/throttle is a dual cable push pull style and it only has a pull cable in it.it works, but sometimes binds in the idle position. Wouldn't take much to fix, I just havent had the time.

Thats about it in the mechanical catagory, everything else on this list is just things I had meant to add/finish that I never got to.

The paint on the tank and fender is laquer from a hobby store, just to see if i liked the color and i did, but at some point they should both be removed and prepped painted for real.Both are bare steel under the spraypaint and the rear fender is rough metal finished after the fitting and welding.The grey spot on the right tank is our favorite JB weld covering up a tiny pinhole leak, I had meant to have the tanks sealed and painted at some point, never did.

The pipes are functional but welded together out of several very expensive sets I purchased trying to get the right look, they should be refinished or replaced as you see fit.

I had always intended to install a softail style speedo and dash,but couldn't figure out how to wire it so it currently has a drag specialties mini speedo on the bars, it works, but needs a calibration adapter to read correctly, currently it reads 45 when i'm in high gear hauling ass,...


Lastly, the seat is at the upholstery shop right now being re-done, should have it back before this auction ends, I tried a bunch of seats but this one was the most comfortable.

More pictures are available, ask questions bid early bid often and thanks for stopping by.















Check out this great Bobber listing!

Current Price: $2200.00 | Bid $2225.00 Now! | # of Bids: 13
End Time: 2012-03-29T01:01:02.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 92882

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