Bobber Xvz1300 Bobber Custom Cruiser Bagger For Sale $900.00

Bobber Xvz1300 Bobber Custom Cruiser Bagger

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| Located in Postal Code: 79915

1990 Yamaha XVZ1300 with clear title.  First and foremost, I have to say this bike pulls like a freight train.  Cruises with extreme comfort.  Motor is rubber mounted.  It can be as civil and cordial as Mother Theresa, or as bold and forceful as Genghis Khan.  Might be due in part, I know this was the original idea for the V-Max.  And running with these chrome stacks, the bike sounds awesome when you roll it on, and pulls surprisingly strong.  Maybe I've stumbled on an alternative V-boost system.Take note, this is a BIG bike in appearance.  However, with the weight reduction, it is very easy to handle.  Seat height has been lowered to 26 inches for cruiser status.  One thing for sure, this is a MAJOR posing tool.  I have got to share some experiences I had just while cruising around town.  Everyone liked the bike.  Lots of smiles.  The almighty main question was and is "where's the gas tank?"  At one station I pulled up to, a guy comes running out and says "Man, I was waiting to see where you were going to put the gas."  Also, when you're at traffic lights, you'll have a hoot.  Most all cannot figure out how you're operating the bike with no gas tank.  And the chrome stacks blow their mind.  You owe me $10,000.00 just for this short story.  I mean, think about it.  You pull up next to me in your new Harley and your new leathers.  Stay home, because I already stole the show.  Shop around on the showroom floors while looking at the new cruisers.  For 97 horsepower and the silhouette this bike has, you can't beat it.Getting down to some specs.  Bike is USER friendly.  Key is on the left saddlebag.  Turn to start, just like a car.  Choke is on the left upper frame rail.  It is a Bakelite knob.  Simple pull out.  Horn is a tap button right by the key.  Left side holds electrics and battery, and a working cigarette lighter, and has room for some storage.  Right bag houses the gas tank, which is roughly 1.6 gallons.  Looking at specs for gas mileage, I'm reading anywhere from 35 to 42 so, taking that into account, you could be good for 55 to 65 miles, depending on your riding habits.  Bags are fiberglass with a matching key lock.  Also, left saddlebag on the outer lower bottom holds the large brake light with tag holder.  Brake light when applied has a rapid pulse beam.  Headlight is a 35 watt with yellow tint.  Seat is very nice tuck and roll metal flake with matching grips.  Obviously, the bike is not your dad's Yamaha.  Has many new parts, many upgrades.

I'm sure there are some details that I may have missed.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.   COMES WITH CLEAR TEXAS TITLE AND SIGNED BILL OF SALE.

Once in a while, after I sell a bike, I'm asked about turn signals.  I can install them for a nominal fee.  I have a large assortment of turn signals.  I don't usually put them on the bikes I list here for the simple fact that most states with older bikes require only hand signals.   Winning bidder has 30 days to arrange pick-up.  If new owner needs more time, please contact us.  We will easily work something out.  Bike will be stored safely indoors.

On Sep-03-15 at 09:39:36 PDT, seller added the following information:

I wanted to mention, the handlebars are 5-way adjustable.  They are on their "out" position, #1.  Can be moved 4 settings back.

On Sep-04-15 at 07:44:44 PDT, seller added the following information:

Here's a video of the bike running to give you an idea.  Just click on the link below (or paste it into your address bar and enter) to view video of the bike.  I am also trying to post a video that you can view here in the ad.  Bike performs very good.  Also, on riding stature, I am 5'11" feet tall.  That will give you an idea to compare to yourself.https://youtu.be/y9d5bTwI6_c

Bobber Xvz1300 Bobber Custom Cruiser Bagger

Check out this great Bobber listing!

Current Price: $900.00 | Bid $910.00 Now! | # of Bids: 1
End Time: 2015-09-07T01:45:00.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 79915

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