Bobber World Of Wheels First Place Custom Bobber 113 Ci Ultima For Sale $11600.00

Bobber World Of Wheels First Place Custom Bobber 113 Ci Ultima

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| Located in Postal Code: 28269

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5527 Lakeview Road, Charlotte, NC, 28269, US

2011 PB Choppers Custom Bobber

World of Wheels First Place Custom Bobber 113 CI Ultima

Year: 2011

Type of vehicle title: Clear
Primary color: Red
Mileage: 300
Transmission type: 6 Speed Manual
Engine: 113 CI Ultima V Twin
Interior color: Black

Vehicle info

It's a familiar story young servicemen returning from WWII, building stripped down two-wheelers that paid tribute to the European bikes of the day. It was the beginning of the American motorcycle scene and, if you've paid attention over the last five years, you've probably noticed that scene is big and getter bigger every day. Regardless if they're stretched choppers or stripped down bobbers, custom bikes are hot. This awesome 2011 bobber by PB Choppers walks right down the middle of the two extremes offering killer custom paint and a big-inch twin mixed with a no-nonsense demeanor. Judging by the awards from World of Wheels, where it claimed Best Bike Motor and Outstanding Bike, the combination is a resounding success. If you're ready for a bike that places equal emphasis on speed and style, step up and take a closer look.

With so many motorcycle shops to choose from, finding the right one can be a challenge. If the quality of this bike is any indicator, PB Choppers out of Moravia, IA is definitely worth checking out. Their clientele includes names like Roger Penske and Rusty Wallace guys who know good fabrication work when they see it. But the clean welds certainly aren't the first thing to catch your eye on this bike. Across the tank and bobbed rear fender, bright red paint demands attention thanks to a healthy dose of large metal flake. It's a great vintage look, executed perfectly across clean lines. A pair of white racing stripes run down the center, giving the bike a more finished look than most that get labeled "bobber". The paintwork is beyond reproach, practically glowing from every angle.

Beneath the minimal sheet metal, a custom white frame serves as the bike's foundation. All welds have been ground smooth, creating a seamless one-piece look. At the front, a classic 21-inch chrome spoke wheel wrapped in Metzeler rubber anchors chrome springer forks and a simple low-profile handle bar setup to the white frame. A large headlamp with a manual switch at the top offers about as much technology as you'll find here. From the lights to the grips, nearly everything at the front is bathed in chrome. On the right side of the bike, a vintage Luxfer scuba tank has been fitted for that nitrous-fed look. Follow the arch of the upper frame and find seating for one provided by a leather-wrapped solo seat completed by details like white stitching and a PB Choppers logo. At the back, a Ford Duolamp taillight adds more vintage styling while the rear fender fits snugly over an 18-inch chrome spoke rear wheel that measures in at 5.5-inches wide. Polished disc brakes can be found at both ends of the bike.

No matter how cool the paintwork is, the engine is the core of any custom bike. This bobber sports a 113 cubic inch Ultima twin between the frame rails. With 125 rear wheel horsepower and matching torque numbers, this bike is a handful in the best possible way. The engine specs read like a miniature race car with terms like "forged pistons", "10.2:1 compression", and "high-lift camshaft" gracing the list. Topped off by a Mikuni 45mm HSR Series carburetor, a billet oil pump, chrome oil tank, and machined fins, the mill looks as good as it runs. Behind the engine, a close-ratio six-speed Ultima transmission makes quick work of shifts. The transmission was designed to work with the engine, so you know everything plays nicely together. Dig a little deeper and you'll find gears made from hardened 8620 steel, pro-cut lead-in ramps for positive shifting, steel shift forks, and a reinforced transmission case. From the transmission, power is fed to the rear wheel through a belt-drive. Long story short: This is a series drivetrain.

Nearly everyone that walks by this bike stops and looks at it and, if the look doesn't grab them, the exhaust note definitely will once it starts up. Best of all, there are no disappointments when it's time to hit the road. Find a nice stretch of asphalt, let the big twin breathe, and you'll spend every day happy that you made room in the garage for this custom. If you're ready to live out those Easy Rider daydreams, don't miss your chance to bring this award-winning bobber home today.

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5527 Lakeview RoadCharlotte, NC 28269

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Bobber World Of Wheels First Place Custom Bobber 113 Ci Ultima

Check out this great Bobber listing!

Current Price: $11600.00 | Bid $11700.00 Now! | # of Bids: 11
End Time: 2013-04-16T12:01:04.000Z | Located in Postal Code: 28269

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