B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Bike Instructional DVD

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B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Bike Instructional DVD
Manufacturer: Build a Hog
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Build Your Own Bike This user friendly 2 disc set is aimed at the ground-up and kit builder. Chopper, Bobber, or a Street Machine the process and steps are the same. Dics A is the mock-up stage. The most important step in ground-up or a kit. If it doesn't fit in mock-up, it won't work in assembly. Disc B is final assembly after paint. Here is a simple tip for you. Before you mount anything on your frame use a tap to get the paint out of the threads otherwise you will be snapping bolts, guaranteed! B.Y.O.B. is meant to take the agony out of building a bike and keep it fun. The way it should be! If you are building now or just want to know what is involved in building a kit or from the ground-up this video is for you. Disc A Runtine 53 minutes Disc B Runtime 95 minutes

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  • Easy Step By Step Instruction
  • Build Your Own Bike
  • Affordable Learning

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