Art of the Bobber

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Art of the Bobber
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Before choppers, there was the bobber. When American-brand motorcycle owners needed to change their rear tires decades ago, the rear fender featured a hinge near its center that would flip up to make room for the tire to be removed. At some point ,an enterprising rider decided to permanently remove the hinged rear portion of the fender - shortening the fender like the "bobbed" hair cuts popular during those days - or so the theory goes. The tradition of stripping down to a bike's bare essence and celebrating its simpler forms - making a bobber - was begun.

As these lean, mean machines come roaring back onto the scene in a big way, this book offers a look at where the bobber came from, where it’s going, and what it’s about. With over 200 exclusive photographs of the most cutting-edge bobbers, biographies of the men and women who build them, and inside stories on top shops like Indian Larry, Von Dutch Kustoms, Orange County Choppers, Arlen Ness, Mitch Bergeron, and more. This book captures the rebel spirit of the ultimate custom bike as never before.
Publisher's Note: This edition includes a poster on the reverse of the book's jacket.

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